Water Management

In the Czech Republic, like everywhere else in the world, Veolia applies its proven operating model, which most municipalities in the Czech Republic have adopted. Veolia has become a reliable, long-term partner in water services to 1,300 Czech and Moravian cities, towns and villages and supplies drinking water to 4 million people.

Veolia offers to partner cities:

  • Technical know-how - a new technologies, water losses reduction, focus on ecology
  • Effective management - operating costs reduction
  • Improved customer service - call center certification according to ISO 9001, specially trained staff
  • Professional human resource management - the importance of social dialogue within the company, Higher collective agreement - the only one in the field in the Czech Republic
  • Institute of Environmental Services - own training institute and long-term training programs
  • Veolia Foundation - promoting and organizing educational events and meetings of water management experts, support the education of children and youth projects aimed at protecting the environment and promoting social projects


Advantages of the operating model:

  • The municipality retains control over water and sewerage prices.
  • Lease of infrastructure to a professional company allows the municipality to pass to the operating company the responsibility for co-financing large capital projects, e.g. using prepaid rent, investments to be carried out under agreements or guarantees for bank loans.
  • Use of synergic effects (centralised procurement, co-ordinated technical activities, common call centres etc.) shows in a better work quality and lower operating costs, which leads to the long-term stability of water prices.