Energy management

Through its energy supplies and energy service provision, Veolia strongly participates in the creation of good conditions for life and well-being of millions of people. In cooperation with municipalities, it offers solutions that are comfortable for citizens and environmentally friendly, and enable customers to control their energy costs.

District heating networks: sustainable solutions

Our heat and cooling networks help to meet customers’ everyday needs and combine many benefits: Constant overview of energy outgoings, reduced air pollution, etc. Veolia can respond to the customers’ most demanding requirements in countries with cold climate, including the Czech Republic.


Cultural, sport, and leisure facilities

Heating, venting, air conditioning… Veolia’s task is to provide top quality services emphasising comfort, safety, and efficiency to extensive complexes intended for the general public such as cultural, sport, and leisure centres and university buildings.


Veolia - a reliable partner for municipalities

Pleasant and inviting public buildings and efficient local services – such are the improvements that we bring to state administration and local government authorities, thereby contributing to the positive development of relations with the local citizens. We try to be a long-standing and reliable partner for local government authorities, one that offers innovative and economical solutions ranging from the supply of heat, electricity, and other energy commodities to adjusting energy installations to comply with the legislation in force to full management of energy installations, including the generation and supply of energies.


Veolia supplies in the Czech Republic 261,232 flats

178 sport, cultural, and leisure facilities