Economic dimension

Veolia makes sure to maintain good relations with all suppliers, shareholders and customers and commits to voluntarily meet above-standard customer indicators. The group has its own code of ethics and follows a responsible procurement strategy. Veolia guides the general public towards environment conservation and fosters the development of local communities through its own educational projects.


Our business relations with clients are based on a long-term partnership strategy. We aim to be a steady, dependable and credible partner that listens to the customers’ needs and requirements and makes their expectations reality. In doing so, we successfully use our extensive know-how obtained in the many years of operation in the Czech market. We are constantly innovative, which differentiates us from our competitors, and we bring our partners new and efficient solutions.

Ethics and compliance

Code of Ethics (CZ)
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The observance of ethic and legal standards, zero tolerance of corruption, discrimination and cartel agreements are among Veolia’s lasting priorities. Our code of ethics is binding for all 174,000 employees across five continents of the globe.
VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT, S.A. is listed on the Euronext stock exchange (Paris, France), so the trading of its financial instruments is subject to the French penal law and directives on insider trading.


Veolia Foundation

Veolia founded its Foundation in the Czech Republic in 2003 and, in line with the motto “Caring for the Environment and Community”, have distributed more than CZK 58 million since 2003. Ever since its formation, the Foundation has been pursuing the intended purpose and mission in particular in the field of preserving the environment, supporting social projects, projects in public interest that involve volunteering, education and raising awareness and instructing and educating children and young people. Veolia Foundation and Dalkia Czech Republic Foundation merged in 2015. In connection with this, Veolia Foundation was expanded to include the support for creating lasting jobs with the goal of preventing social exclusion of unemployed people.

Voda pro Afriku CSR mensi

Veolia Foundation’s principal programmes and projects include:

The Foundation also focuses on the long-term support of other organisations and their projects, the most significant one of them being the Clean up the World! campaign.

Veolia Energy’s Foundations

Veolia Energie Humain CR Foundation
Veolia Energie Humain CR Foundation was set up in 2005 with the goal of aiding both current and former employees and their family members in difficult life situations. In addition, it provides contributions to employees for each child born or adopted as well as a contribution for the care of a disabled child. The Foundation obtains donations from Veolia Energy Group companies in the Czech Republic and from their employees, and subsequently pays the contributions to the individuals who need them.
Veolia Energie Environment Foundation
Veolia Energie Environment Foundation was set up in 2006 with the purpose of contributing to the funding of projects with a positive environmental impact implemented on the territory of the Czech Republic. These are primarily projects contributing to the effort of reducing environmental damage caused by energy generation, reclaiming and redevelopment of land affected by energy generation and using renewable resources in energy generation.

Contact: Applicants may apply for grants by completing an application and submitting it to the secretary of the Foundation via e-mail to or in writing by post to the address of the Foundation: Nadační fond Veolia Energie pro životní prostředí ČR, 28. října 3337/7, 709 74 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava.


Cooperation with schools and education

Veolia Group Companies organise educational competitions for the students of primary and high schools. Veolia distributes teaching aids to schools and non-profit organisations that work with children; examples include the Secret of the Water briefcases – portable labs that teach children about water and its properties in a playful way. Veolia Water organises the Water Guards Club that brings together children aged 6 to 16 who are interested in water and nature, issues its own magazine and organises events for its members. 
The Group has also been involved in long-term collaboration with specialised tertiary schools in the fields of water and energy management. The objectives include preparing tailor-made curricula, finding and supporting talented students, Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis guidance, internships and hands-on practice at Veolia Group companies.